"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable."
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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Very |ong nv B|og... Tink most of you know Why. Sudden|y fee| |ike B|ogging. Dunno WHY. MayB3 on S0mthings | upS3t W|f... Tis few Days, Fee| tat | not in my usual self... Hope | can 0verc0me |t ASAP.....S|ghZzz.... | Kn0w Tat N0 0ne wi|| read my B|0g liao as | dun updat3 0ften... But......

Sunday, July 31, 2005

It's mean so long since i blog...tink got months liao...tink no one have visit my blog liao as there no update nor anything new... been veri buz as usual haha... tink u guys sld know la huh lol....cut ting short... I'll be celebrating my Bday at Aranda Country Club (Chalet) on Sept 2 - Sept 4. So make sure all muz come huh... any changes i'll keep u guys update.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

This morning went to office @1030, then went kopi at downstair after finish my follow up. After kopi, went up office doing nothing then one of my frenz borrow mi a newspaper to read. Was browsing thru the recruitment to see any luck. Spotted an advert looking for marketing cum cust svc executive, call up the co. for fun to check wad they doing etc. This co. is actually doing audio visual thingy, and my job scope is on marketing only. Basic pay with no sale and comm. So they invite mi to go down tmr for an interview. Was thinking wow so heng ar. Tmr go down see see look look. Hope it suit mi n pay is reasonable. Wish mi luck!!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

These few days no drinking, but many fishing. Haha. All crazy abt fishing. But Sianz, this weekend rdshow sucks. Not the venue suck, is my sale sucks. Futher more, till now still havent got a job. Haiz... have been sending numerous of resume liao, but none reply. Sibei JiaLat. Wish me luck!!! Heng Heng

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Use Singlish, it's so much economical n effective - Compare n See ...

When Going Shopping
Britains: I'm sorry sir but we don seem 2 haf the sweater u want in ur size, but if u gif me a moment, i can call the other outlets 4 u.
S'poreans: No Stock!

When returning a Call
Britains: Hello, this is Mr Bean. Did anyone page me a few moments ago?
S'poreans: Hello, who page?

When some1 is in the way
Britains: Excuse me, i'd like 2 get by. Would u please make way?
S'poreans: Lai, siam! or, Siam hor! or, Skius! (excuse?!)

When some1 offers 2 pay
Britains: Hey, put ur wallet away, this drink's on me.
S'poreans: no need lah!

When asking 4 permission
Britains: Excuse me, but do u think it would be possible 4 me 2 enter through this door?
S'poreans: (While pointing at the door) Can pass or not?

When asking 2 be excused
Britains: If u would excuse me 4 a moment, i have 2 go 2 the gents/ladies. Carry on without me, it would onli take a moment
S'poreans: Go toilet! Buay tahan ahh... ...

When doubting some1
Britains: I don't recall u giving me the money.
S'poreans: Got meh?

When disagreeing on a topic of discussion
British: Err. Tom, i have 2 stop u there. I understand where u r coming from but i really have 2 disagree wif wat u said about the policy.
S'poreans: Talk cock lah u!

When asking some1 2 lower thei voice...
Britains: Excuse me, but could u lower ur voice, i'm trying 2 concentrate over here.
S'poreans: Eh, Tiam leh!

When asking some1 if he or she noes u
Britains: Excuse me, but i noticed u staring at me 4 some time. Do i noe u?
S'poreans: See wat see?! Buay Song ah!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It been so long there outing for us. This Sunday, there a Sentosa & JB outing. Some wan to go JB some wan go Sentosa. Till now we still unsure where we wan to go. Think by tmr we will know the result liao. Stay tune!!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Long time nv blog liao. Everyday seem like a busy day for me. Either working, fishing or drinking. Futher more not enough sleep as well. And till now still havent find a proper job yet. Sighz. Hope can get one sooner, really cant tahan everyday work, weekend kana burn. Have been lotsa late nite & drinking recently at Central, our latest hang out. This week will be Ming's birthday. Dunno whether where he want to celebrate his birthday. Have he get our present, me also dunno yet. Heard you (Ming) will bring down on Sat rite? Will it be Central? still not cfm yet. This wed want to mit up at Rezki? Pls cfm.